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 Making Packaging Transparent


Our concept is simple, bring together a network of packaging industry leaders and make them available to businesses in need of packaging support.  Our team has hundreds of years of combined packaging experience that allows us to quickly identify areas of opportunity for your company.  

We build innovative, cost effective solutions to help you succeed.  We know that packaging is necessary for manufacturing operations but not your core business.  Packaging is often left out of the launch plan or put off until the last moment.  Having us on your team will allow you to concentrate on what you do best and leave the packaging to us.  

When hiring a packaging engineer for a full time position is not the best option, we are the right resource.  We are flexible to work on short or long term projects.  A single package design or entire cost saving, right sizing projects.  Our initial assessment will give you an estimate of time and resources needed to complete the job successfully.  Contact us today to bring you into our network of knowledge.

Packaging Disciplines

  • Automotive & Industrial  
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical  
  • Furniture & Large Appliances 
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care 
  • Program Management 
  • Cost Savings Implementation 
  • Damage Assessment 
  • Package Design 
  • New Product Launches 
  • Expendable to Returnable conversions 
  • Transportation Cube Optimization 
  • Sourcing  
  • Supply Chain Packaging Assessment
  • Analysis  
  • Design 
  • Prototyping  
  • Testing   
  • Production  
Flexible Resources 
  • Measured Results 
  • Cost Effective Solutions 
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